Monday, August 29, 2011


I believe every actions has a reaction....
Think wise before taking action on anything, or you may face the consequences.....
There are actions which can be pardoned and some are not!....
Some actions, may break a friendship
Some actions, may break a relationship
and some may end up failing everything to do with life

Most actions are kept as dark secret in life........until unless,
Its been accidentally spoken about......
which can bring great sorrow at times to those whom are involved directly and indirectly......
Think twice before doing anything......
its OK to say No or delay the actions till you are comfortable doing it......
which can save a lot of trouble near future......
IF you have done it, lets hope its been sealed away and never spoken about it......
Sometimes the truth can be ugly for certain individual.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Changing Mode

I have achieved some of the things which I have always wanted to be ........
Some of the achievements that I have got was with a lot of support from loved ones and friends but
I always never really cared about self appearance. There were few times I tried, when I see some results I'll be on cloud 9 and never really bother about it again.
But now since I came back, I wanted to be a different person. I wanted to pamper myself. I started take note of my appearance and working my way about it.
Every time the changes occurs it boosts my self confidence. I know I can do it, and I would not have done it this far without you Anni.
I know I have let you down a few times before but this time I'll surely prove it that 'I can do IT!'.
It was very hard for first few days with the new set of routines but it is not now. Reaching the first milestone is kinda having butterflies in the stomach :)
Soon I'll be there and the family will know that I'm NOT the same old Hinthu they have known for past 28years :)
The time will come when the invisibility will wash away and will be noticed.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Live up the spirit and look forward!

There are so many types of characters we meet everyday in our life.
You will be surprised that some characters are very cheeky and mischievous. They might have very charming and sensible personality yet they can be double faced.
At times we can be deceived by these characters with their personality.
But this is not the end of life when one does that to us. Take it as a passing cloud and move on....
Live up the spirit and look forward.
There are people whom more worth it in this world!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

You are at lost and NOT ME!!!!

I never asked for something which is out of my capability.
I only asked for some piece of mind and to be cherished, loved.
And yet some take it for granted, this annoys to the max.
Every time I step forward to reach out there's always a hand which pulls me down.
I have tried many times to strive and fight back. Guess I still have some courage left.
The courage given by my loved ones and friends helped me when am doomed in darkness.
I'm who I am and you better get it into your mind. I'm not some random human which you can think of. I not gonna let go my pride in any consequences.
Well, you missed a professional, cultured, modern yet a traditional person.
You are at lost and NOT ME!!!!